Are All Supplements The Same?

Since the supplements industry is so loosely regulated, consumers are faced with the challenge of identifying which products are both safe and effective.

Integrity & Transparency

For many years, Premier Research Labs has maintained a sterling reputation as the world's leader in cellular resonant nutrition technology.  Deeply committed to formulating excipient-free, preservative-free, premium quality nutritional products and super foods backed by clinical testing and consistent results.


To deliver the most consistent level of premier nutrition, our in-house, state-of-the-art laboratory uses photoluminescence technology to scan all of our raw materials to ensure purity, correct plant species. In addition, we bioenergetically test all raw materials to our strict standards — a PRL first in the nutritional industry.


In fact, you will be surprised to learn that one of our nutrient suppliers confidentially told us that many supplement manufacturers commonly request that the nutrients be irradiated because it extends their shelf life so dramatically. It has been many years since PRL decided to part from the pack, and we can absolutely guarantee you that we will never knowingly use compromised ingredients in any of our products.

Quality Above Profit

Far from the common practice of obtaining ingredients from the "cheapest on the market," PRL sources its raw materials exclusively from trusted suppliers around the world using our strict purity protocols, developed to consistently ensure the unsurpassable quality that is the foundation of all our products.

Every batch of incoming raw materials is tested - top, middle, and bottom.  This is because many suppliers will place quality, uncontaminated herbs on the top of a shipment...while the middle and bottom of the shipment contain inferior and contaminated herbs.


We invite all of you to experience a new dimension in nutritional excellence with PRL.


"To empower every person to access their own limitless health potential through the use of quantum resonance nutraceutical formulations, effective detoxification techniques and lifestyle strategies."